3 things that helped me in this week.

I went on a 48 hour social media vacation thanks to http://www.appblock.app on mobile and http://www.selfcontrolapp.com on laptop. I do this often and the outcome is a very contended peaceful Isura. It’s like hitting reset button of my mind. Podcasts are an interesting way to digest information. Avoided reading articles from mobile and started listeningContinue reading “3 things that helped me in this week.”

New year wishes = *Send to all* ?

The messages comes in different forms (Text, GIF, JPEG, videos), sizes(short, medium, long) and languages. They get deposited in email inbox, chats, chat groups, SMS. And in my social media feed, everybody has a generic wish in different forms, sizes and languages. A few hours in to the day, the messages dissolve in to theContinue reading “New year wishes = *Send to all* ?”

Time is the real important factor in internet. 

Internet has all the information you need. It’s with in a click or few clicks. Yet, why we seem to be increasingly confused about our decisions ? Most of information is now available for free, bottlenecks for information is less. It also means there will be more and more players coming in to the field.Continue reading “Time is the real important factor in internet. “

5 reasons you’d love doing online courses.

They are really interactive: videos, online quiz, QnA sessions and online community makes it more intense than traditional classes or just reading a book or an article. You can learn from world authorities of that domain. You can learn at your own pace, at the time you want, from anyplace in the world. All youContinue reading “5 reasons you’d love doing online courses.”

Entrepreneur Vs Employee. Father vs Son.

I have followed some heated arguments in social media about entrepreneurship. It’s all good, until we kind of weigh in into judge what is best. For example thoughts like, Been an entrepreneur is way better than been an employee If someone’s father is rich and influential, then son’s achievements are obvious. Well on the surfaceContinue reading “Entrepreneur Vs Employee. Father vs Son.”