3 ways to deal with jealousy.

Jealousy is a mix of feelings driven by selfishness -they have something I don’t have, I like what they have, why am I not getting it ? Living with jealousy steals my time, makes me miserable, and disable me from putting good effort to things and people I care. So what can I do ?Continue reading “3 ways to deal with jealousy.”

How to learn from the best in the world for free?

The best thing I saw on internet about online learning is, “Knowledge is FREE, But you have to PAY attention to get it”. Your attention is the most precious asset. Not the money you have now. The things and people you PAY attention today, will define your outcome in future. Yet attention is what mostContinue reading “How to learn from the best in the world for free?”

A lesson I learned the hard way.

There are times, I get angry with a person or irritated by a process. The anger and frustration consumes my entire thought process. I would try to do metta meditation or read a spiritual book. When that does not work, I would switch to entertainment ( netflix/ youtube) to wash it away. I wish itContinue reading “A lesson I learned the hard way.”

“something went wrong, Reload”

This is what got prompted when I tried to open a Google sheet. This sheet was so precious to me. Very important data was in that document. The issue was with this file only. All other files were working fine. That got me anxious. Did I lose my data here ? Then there was ”Continue reading ““something went wrong, Reload””

Questions to ask in the blackout.

Like COVID19 did, yesterday’s islandwide electricity blackout should give our decision makers the space to reflect on our energy production. Different action is what is needed. Old ways of doing things will result in same outcomes. The new Government is looking ways to reduce funds flowing outwards by strengthening domestic production.Why can’t we stop fundsContinue reading “Questions to ask in the blackout.”

4G broadband is a Luxury.

Living in Piliyandala, I have taken 4G broadband for granted. This is the internet I received today in Anuradhapura. An eye blinding speed of 0.04 Mbps download and 0.11 Mbps upload. Just 6 kilometers in to the main road (not a byroad) towards Mihintale, 4G broadband is almost non existent from my ISP. I checkedContinue reading “4G broadband is a Luxury.”