The best UX hotel balcony and SPRINT

Room with a view is what we hope for when we book hotels for vacation. A balcony makes that view a lot more attractive. Yet a balcony that makes you comfortable is a very very rare thing. There are balconies with views of roof tops, construction sites or in some cases blind walls :). Let’sContinue reading “The best UX hotel balcony and SPRINT”

Compound interest is in your interest.

Here’s an example of the power of compound interest.Let’s say you put a fixed deposit of Rs.100,000 in a bank account which gives you 7% annual interest.You absolutely do nothing else. You let it be in the bank account to accumulate with the interest year after year. In 10 years, you’d have Rs.200,000. You doubledContinue reading “Compound interest is in your interest.”

Daily collections at small shops (unbanked)

A man in motor cycle jacket and helmet comes in to the shop and shows a yellow card printed with rows and columns. The shop owner reaches for his drawer, pulls out a similar yellow card. Shop owner gives Rs. 1500/- to the man. Both of them scribble on their cards, swap them, and smileContinue reading “Daily collections at small shops (unbanked)”

How to ruin a conversation. What to do about it.

I am talking with someone. Let’s say a friend, a relative, a colleague at work, owner of a shop I am visiting or a complete stranger, basically anyone. They go on to tell something, it is interesting, it grabs my attention. Then I jump in. I may have something to add, or I may haveContinue reading “How to ruin a conversation. What to do about it.”