More on ‘the social dilemma’

It is ironic that I am watching a documentary about social media addiction on netflix, which is again an addiction platform. Of course Netflix is different from social media.1) Netflix is a paid service. Netflix is not serving users with third party ads or recommendations.2) We make a decision to see Netflix by paying forContinue reading “More on ‘the social dilemma’”

The social dilemma

‘The social dilemma’ is a must watch.It left me shaking my head on a Saturday. I already made steps to scrape whatever time spent on social media.In fact it got me thinking about deleting some accounts for good. The attention extraction business model is not a healthy way for humanity. You need to watch thisContinue reading “The social dilemma”

A question about working from home.

A true story. A social service organisation dug up a drinking water well right in the middle of a very remote village.The team was so happy they could provide clean water to villagers. Before this new well, villagers used to travel 5 kilometres to fetch water.Donor agency was happy too. They came, launched the wellContinue reading “A question about working from home.”

Why youth won’t be able to grab new jobs created in industry 4.0?

There were 4 stages of industrial revolution.1765 – First Industrial Revolution – because of steam engine.1870 – Second Industrial Revolution – because of new sources of energy: electricity, gas, and oil, and inventions: internal combustion engine, telegraph and telephone.1969 – Third Industrial Revolution – because of electronics, telecommunications and computers.after 2000 – Fourth Industrial revolutionContinue reading “Why youth won’t be able to grab new jobs created in industry 4.0?”

Follow your passion. But…

We want to follow our passion through our jobs. My passion is not your passion. It’s an individual unique feature. And passion changes and evolves with our age. How can an organization cater for this ever changing needs of each and every individual? Organisations simply can’t do that. Not even Google. So then how canContinue reading “Follow your passion. But…”

PR articles – A wasted opportunity

Have you flip through business magazines and news papers with dozens of PR articles, but never stop to check what’s in them ?You are not alone. It is not just because they are boring, we all know they are lies biased. 1) The articles project organisations as places that did no wrong, not doing anyContinue reading “PR articles – A wasted opportunity”

Business as usual? Or go digital.

Many organisations have called themselves digital before Covid19. The pandemic identified all our camouflages. These organisations had some of their marketing in digital but all other aspects were stuck in analog.They had the shock of their lives in 2020.Going forward now, we have the question in front of us: are we going back to whatContinue reading “Business as usual? Or go digital.”

Flow State

Getting to know Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ( Let’s just call him Mihaly and forget the surname 🙂 ) was a life changer. Who is Mihaly ? (From positive psychology)Mihaly became a happiness researcher because of the adversity he faced growing up. He was a prisoner during World War II, and he witnessed the pain and sufferingContinue reading “Flow State”

3 shifts to future proof yourself

It’s happening all around us. Jobs are vanishing. Yet many jobs are created fresh in new areas we have not heard before. Advancing yourself with in an organisation as a ladder is not sustainable. Not desirable by employees as well. Skills will not make you safe. 1) Mindset The correct mindset will supersede your existingContinue reading “3 shifts to future proof yourself”