Anyone can meditate.

I am no expert in meditation. What I am going to write here is based on my practice. I am sharing what worked and did not with the humble wish that someone ( you) might be able to improve meditation practice.

I have read many books on meditation, spent time with many monks and teachers, used meditation apps ( Calm, Headspace) and experimented with different ways to make meditation a joy. Meditation apps are recommended by many. But it did not help me. I think the main reason was the way the app rewards time logged in. Meditation is suppose to be a process of letting go, but with the app I was trying to achieve something, by doing more. Well it is opposite of what meditation should be, doing less and less. 🙂

I am sharing with you the guided meditation video by Ajahn Brahm that helped me find the joy in meditation.

If you listen ( with ear phones) to this video with your eyes closed on a comfortable seat, you will get immediate benefits. I did about 20 times, always with this video on my earphones, until I was capable of doing it on my own.

On days I have trouble fall sleeping, I meditate with this video on my earphones, and with in 15 minutes all the troubles in the world move away, giving me space to a peaceful sleep.

I hope you try it too.

If you want to find more videos like this, go to youtube, search “ajahn brahm guided meditation”

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